About Us

The year was 1956 and while Elvis had yet to put on his blue suede shoes and Ike was entering his second term, Frank Gorman opened an affordable family restaurant in Hackensack, NJ as a tribute to his father whose favorite Parisian restaurant during World War I was The Lido.

Over the next decade, Flower Power took hold, the British invaded, and The Lido Bar & Grill found its groove, establishing a family dining tradition for generations to come. Jump forward to 2019 when new ownership devoted the time to revitalizing this iconic restaurant. Instead of a trendy makeover, they performed a meticulous restoration to ensure that the Baby-boomer Americana of its heyday was maintained. 

Retro renewed, The Lido is ideal for escaping the complexities and clamor of the modern world. The food is far out, the décor is right on, and the iconic jukebox plays rock of the 60s and 70s. It’s a simple, nostalgic recipe that can be enjoyed time and time again.

True to its American/Italian flavor, its menu staples remain, including its world-famous steak sandwich, award-winning thin-crust pizza, and made-from-scratch pasta sauce, cole slaw, and meatballs, along with a well-stocked bar offering many specialty drinks.

Lido has maintained its tradition of being a restaurant run by family, for family. In fact, the pizza cook has worked at Lido for 25 years, chef for 38 years, along with second and third generation servers. And, patrons have been coming as long, if not longer. 

Lido Restaurant is a reflection of both the people who eat there and the people who work there, making it the perfect place to reminisce about the past, indulge in the moment, and look forward to a flavorful future.


The Team

Kevin Parany
General Manager

Pizza Chef